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Arctic Chess Challenge in numbers

Some statistics from ACC: Of the 164 participants 21 are female. 16 of these have FIDE titles. Last year’s winner Monica Socko is the female GM in the field. 3 women are IMs. The 76 FIDE titles are as follows: 25 GM, 25 IM, 5 WGM, 4 WIM, 14 FM, 3 WFM

The average rating in the tournament is 2234, the 10 highest rated GMs have an average of 2636, while the GM group in total has 2568. There are 12 GMs above 2600.

61 players have more than 2300, which means that there are 103 to be distributed in the three rating groups. That means 35 in group 1, 34 in group 2, and 34 in group 3.

4 seniors participating in the tournament, all male. Women are counted as seniors from the age of 50, while men must wait 10 more years.

73 participants are from Norway. Of the 91 foreigners, 53 (58%) come from seven (20%) countries, with England and Sweden having 10 each. Then comes Netherlands with 9, Poland 7, Ukraine and Germany 6 each, while Finland has 5.

17 players come from the host club. 8 of them are juniors, two are seniors. 7 Tromsø players have international ratings. Half of the juniors are girls. Tromsø Club Team Bjørnsen has one participant.


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