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IA Karl Johan Rist

Karl-Johan Rist (left) and Panagiotis Nikolopoulos (Photo: The Chess Phantom)

Today FIDE announced that our regular arbiter Karl-Johan Rist is appointed International Arbiter. “Kalle” among friends has been arbiter in all our international tournaments, and together with the Norwegian Club Championship these tournaments form the basis for his appointment. To the right we see Kalle and IA Panagiotis “Takis” Nikolopoulos, who was main arbiter in last year’s tournament. IA Nikolopoulos is at the moment main arbiter in the World Championship match between Anand and Topalov.

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100 entries, and 50 title holders

GM Igor Khenkin

Our friend GM Igor Khenkin (GER) became title holder number 50 to enter the tournament. Igor was here last year and was a bit sorry not to have prioritized our side events as much as he should. He promises to catch up on that this time.

The total number of participants has now exceeded 100, and is at the moment 104. Go to the participants page for details and how to enroll.


Alexander Moiseenko, Polanica-Zdrój 2008

Simen Agdestein at the Arctic Chess Challenge 2008

No longer is Loek van Wely(2639) our top seed. He has now been outranked by 29 rating points by GM Alexander Moiseenko, winner of Arctic Chess Challenge 2007, and now rated 2668. We look forward to seeing him at the top boards at Scandic again!

We also welcome back our famous Norwegian GM Simen Agdestein, the pre-Carlsen-era undisputed Norwegian number 1 for many years and nowadays earning his living as teacher of the chess class at the Norwegian College of Elite Sports.

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Marijan Petrov

IM Marijan Petrov at the Arctic Chess Challenge 2009

Last year’s number 3, IM Marijan Petrov from Bulgaria recently won the Thessaloniki Open in fine style with 7 points from 9 rounds. We congratulate!


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