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We have great pleasure in inviting you, dear chess player, to another open international chess tournament, the Arctic Chess Challenge 2010! This year we celebrate the fifth tournament in a row, and our ambition is for this to be an even better tournament than the previous four. We aim for a larger field, with even more nations represented and of course lots of exciting, strong grandmasters on the starting line!

An important part of our event is the social dimension. This means that like previous years here in Tromsø, there will be many side events together with the tournament. The summer beyond the arctic circle is at its best in August, which is why we have chosen to run our tournament at this time of the year. This gives all our contestants an opportunity to enjoy the Arctic summer with long sunny days combined with the distinctive clear air that characterizes the arctic climate.

The Arctic Chess Challenge is part of the Norwegian Chess Federation’s candidacy  to host the 2014 chess olympiad in Norway and Tromsø. Our tournament is therefore also part of the efforts to promot our country and our city as a good candidate for international chess events. It is therefore with great excitement that we invite all chess enthusiasts to our city, giving us an opportunity to show what we can offer. In the four years we have arranged international tournaments here in Tromsø, we have welcomed guests from 40 different countries. Cultural diversity is therefore an important part of  the Arctic Chess Challenge.  At the same time this falls very natural for a city like Tromsø, where a number of nationalities and cultures live togetherto make up the city’s population of 70,000.

Magnus Carlsen being number one on the world rankings obiously affects the Norwegian chess community. This drives extra joy and confidence into the chess sport in Norway these days. This is reflected in several areas. Recruitment work with children and young people reaches new heights, and media, business and sponsors look at chess as an interesting area. Arctic Chess Challenge 2010 also belongs in this picture.

A very heartly welcome to Tromsø and the Arctic Chess Challenge 2010!

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