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All side events went as planned

It is risky business to invite to outdoor events 6 days in a row in Tromsø. The weather is mildly unstable in Tromsø, and this summer we have had a little less sunshine than normal, too.

Despite bad weather forecasts before the tournament we didn’t have to cancel any of the events. The weather turned out to be better than expcted, and the big barbecue on Nordgården was held Friday evening in glorious weather. All of the approximately 160 partygoers seemed to enjoy soup, gravlax and barbecue.

Summer night in Tromsø (Photo: Beate Forså)

During the week we have arranged fishing trip to Hella, three boat trips with private fishing, city walk, mountain trip, lecture with Hans Olav and now a barbecue.

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Update on some of the side events

Lecture by Hans Olav Lahlum

Please note that tomorrow at 21:30 Hans Olav Lahlum will give a lecture in English entitled: “The United States, the World Society and the Presidents from 1914 to 2010: From Woodrow Wilson two Barack Obama.” See invitation here.


Thursday night at 20:14 there will be a 9-round blitz tournament with guaranteed high GM-factor. Total prize fund 10.000 kr! See the invitation here.

Barbecue on Friday

The weather forecast finally looks brighter, so we take the chance to invite to an outdoor barbecue  at Nordgård this coming Friday. Read here what is to come.




Second day

Happy fisherwomen

Small bombs are constantly detonated, and today GM Heikki Westerinen attracted the greatest attention by beating his much younger and higher ranked colleague Sergei Azarov. Apart from that there were 4 GMs that had to concede half a point, incidentally all four of them to women.

Today there was also organized a fishing trip to “Hella”, where about 60 of the participants were seen until late in the evening.

Bjørn Berg Johansen is always present with the camera where things happen, and you can see his photos from the tournament and the fishing trip here.

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