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We regret to inform that there will be no Arctic Chess Challenge in 2011. We might come back next year, and we are even considering something in a smaller format before that, but there is nothing definite yet. Please check this space for more info at a later time.

- The organizers

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The winner, GM Mikhail Kobalia (RUS)

Runner-up: GM Manuel Leon Hoyos (MEX)

In a dramatic last round, Mikhail Kobalia started with a sudden win over Loek van Wely. That meant that he was certain of a shared win if Hoyos weren’t able to win over India’s Chanda Sandipan. Despite pressing in a long game, Hoyos didn’t manage more than a draw, and they shared the 1st-2nd money prize, both on 7,5points. As it turned out Kobalia won on tie-breaks. Trailing on 7 points were Sandipan, van Wely, B. Socko, Petrov and Turner.

Last year’s winner Monika Socko got the prize for best female, while Frode O. O. Urkedal and Heikki Westerinen got the prizes for best junior and best senior, respectively.

Full results .

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FIDE’s 2nd quarter presidential board has approved the GM titles to Marijan Petrov (BUL) and Anatoly Bykhovsky (ISR), bringing the number of GMs to 26. Also, Fiona Stell-Antoni (LUX) has been approved WIM. On the latest rating list some of the top GMs have increased their rating, which means that we now have 12 GMs above 2600.

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