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ACC started with 164 players

Jon, Edit and Endre

As expected, some participants disappeared at  the last count, and the total number was 164, coming from 36 different countries.

The tournament opened with the young Edit, Monika, Jon, Endre and Lasse playing two pieces of music. The first was Norwegian Dance by Edvard Grieg, before the swinging “Målselvhalling”. It was great play of these young chess players, and they gained great acclaim before acting mayor Gunhild Johansen officially opened the tournament.

Lasse and Monika

For the top players the round went as expected, and only one of the grandmasters crashed in the first round. It was Normund Miezis who lost to young Eric Vaarala, rated as number 101.

The tournament has had no problems, and the live broadcasts worked perfectly. We thank CHESS LIVE NORWAY, who once again deliver the goods. This time Bjørn Berg Johansen has Terje Roer with him, and together they broadcast fifteen boards from each round. Bjørn also acts as tournament photographer.


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