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IM Frode Elsness (NOR)

IM Frode Elsness

The host country is also represented among the top players in this year’s Arctic Chess Challenge. IM Frode Elsness from Halden, now playing for Moss, is one of the most successful players in the Norwegian chess in recent years. The fact that it is quite a while since he was a junior player, makes the progress for the 37 years old medical doctor all the more impressive.

What Frode Elsness has made in recent years is also very inspiring to anyone with desire and opportunity to improve at chess. His successes show that even as an adult one can learn more about our beloved game to significantly increase one’s playing strength. In the Norwegian Chess Magazine No. 3 for this year Frode tells about how he has succeeded as he has done in recent years. Keywords are systematic training with different aspects of the game separately, like endgames, openings, middle games, calculation, tactics, and more. He already has collected two GM norms looking forward to a possibility for the third when international grandmasters are in line to meet him in the ACC.

IM Elsness became Norwegian Champion in 2008 after winning the playoff in Moss against Jon Ludvig Hammer. The year before he won the Open Norwegian Rapid Chess Championship in Fredrikstad. Frode Elsness has also participated several times in the Norwegian national team in chess olympiads and European Championships. It is great to see Frode play in Tromsø in August, and we are very excited to have him among the starters.

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Storturnering i nord | Oslo Schakselskap | 29. juli, 2010 at 17:09

[...] Hammer prioriterer Junior-VM i Polen, så de norske håpene er først og fremst OL-deltakerne IM Frode Elsness og IM Espen Lie, IM Torbjørn R. Hansen og FM Frode Urkedal. OSS stiller med åtte deltakere med [...]

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